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Vertical storage vs storage with plastic belts

Recently we got the possibility to offer a differrent kind of storage and internal transport system for the corrugated industry. A different way to handle the board from the corrugator to the converting area. The first type of this storage system was installed in Barcelona, Spain, at Cartisa Castellbisbal plant. The success has been outstanding. The small free horitzontal space and the high investment cost that a traditional installation with plastic flat belts became, made the decision a lot easier.


Positive side of the vertical storage systems

You must cosider that we talk about vertical storage systems for stacks of sheets without pallet underneath, to store between the corrugator and the converting area.
The main positive aspects of this type of storage are as follows:

1.- 90% less installed power in the factory for the sheet storage system for the same amount of board stored. You only see the servomotors of the robots and no photoeyes inside the vertical structure.

2.- Much lower maintenance at lower cost and less complexity.

3.- Much higher storage capacity fo the same available area.